Sunday, August 16, 2015

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Is it just me but is it a little easier to workout while on vacation? Working out while on vacation may just be a hike/walk/jog/swim/bike ride and so on.

Is it that we are away from our usual distractions and have no avoidance?

Is it that often we are in a swim suit and it reminds us of our fitness?

Is it that we often workout in a couple or family, since we often vacation with others?

Perhaps it is that we often buy or pack our meals and we ration meals out and have minimal snacks? Are we reminded that we eat too much when we have to pay/pack every meal?

Are we relaxed and intuitively know that we need to take care of ourselves and our bodies?

Is there nothing else to do but enjoy the physical activity and often outdoors? Are we too stuck inside our houses during the year and need to enjoy ourselves outdoors?

We don't often see physical activity as a chore on vacation, why is that?

Perhaps we need to incorporate some of the vacation habits during the year too.

Enjoy your vacation and make the most of physical activity.

If you find the answer to why we workout more during vacation, please let me know so I can incorporate during the year too.

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