Sunday, February 22, 2015

Clutter busting and being kind

I read a very interesting book recently called Clutter busting your life. Why would it be in a health and fitness blog? It was really interesting and related clutter to our emotions and feelings. The author Brooks Palmer noticed that people get angry with themselves once they are forced to look at the clutter they have allowed to build up. Likewise people get angry once they really see damage to health, expanding waistlines and lack of fitness. Palmer suggested that getting angry with themselves for the situation stopped his clients from progressing further. Instead of propelling them to declutter it made them stop the process completely. Palmer suggested that instead of getting angry, they ought to take baby steps and be kind to themselves for righting the situation. Once they did that they got through the decluttering process and dealt with the emotions and feelings. 

Once you are on the path to health and fitness you might also get angry with yourself for allowing yourself to get unfit and unhealthy. However this anger won't help you any further and may impede your ability to right the wrongs. Being kind to yourself is a skill as important as any other skill you will learn. We can all be very hard on ourselves hoping to motivate ourselves. But criticism is negative and counterproductive. So be kind to yourself in your process of getting to health and fitness, I have to keep reminding myself of this every day. Don’t create unrealistic guidelines to loosing weight, as it is unkind to yourself and your journey. Create realistic fitness plans that build strength gradually so that you are kind to your changing body. Rome wasn’t built in a day and your body won’t change that quickly either. 

Be kind, to you, others and pass it on!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Hi folks,

This is my very first post in my new blog. Previously I had a blog called and it did well, but now I want to write more and created this blog.

I need to get fit and healthy. I wanted to write about diet and exercise and blog my diary but didn't want to limit myself on just diet and exercise. After all my end goal is being healthy not weight loss alone. So my initial posts may include diet alterations, exercise improvements, shopping tips, fitness tips and more.

I need to tell you my background and statistics. I have high cholesterol, I always have, and my diet doesn't help (chocolate anyone?) but some improvements I have made have done WONDERS for my cholesterol and it won't be a surprise which ones. I am clinically obese, wow being obese is so easy ie the level for obesity is SO low (or does it just seem so to me?) anyway I am not just overweight but yes, ahem, obese. I have high bloodsugars, at the prediabetic level. Yep let it get so out of hand that I joined the scary ranks of those that are waiting for diabetes. That scares me a LOT, diabetes is no joke, my uncle had it and it was horrible, I will tell you about that later on. I've checked my thyroid umpteen times and it working like clockwork. My hormones could use a little work but it is what it is as I am in the peri-menopause stage (when did I get middle aged?).

I recently made some changes, actually it has been years of changes all contributing to this point and I will explain the background changes in another post (so much to write). I started exercising well actually getting steps in, and will tell you how I did it with snow and ice outside yet managed to get 10,000 steps everyday. My cousin took a photo of me and I was horrified at the picture, I hate taking photos of me, as anyone in denial does. I denied my image and can't see obesity when I look in the mirror (Katie Hopkins, it is true). Perhaps it has been that changes have crept up gradually but I do see some weight that needs to come off my middle but I don't seem horrendously fat as I would have thought at my weight.

I will also make diet changes but will do those in the future as first I want to commit to my 10K steps to get the ball rolling. Rome wasn't built in a day.

I will tell you all the shortcuts that work for me. Lets do this folks. Join me.


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