Saturday, August 22, 2015

Art class & party photos

Art is very therapeutic, I think it creates different neurons pathways in the brain. I've gotten my kids involved and being a non profit it is hosted by some wealthier folks. I was super impressed by the backyard and took pics.

When my house grows up can it look like this? Please?

Hmm statue, monument? Who cares, you are rich and you can waste it as you like! ;)

Is this the definition of endless pool? Borderless pool, either way it is gorgeous!

The other view of the backyard, from the house. Amazing...

Another angle, still amazing.

Does your cul de sac look like this? People used to be rich enough to enjoy properties like this, but economy is taxing everyone lately, boohoo yes I know.

They have a heated pool, of course, and I bet you didn't know they have a heated driveway! I never knew heated driveways were a thing. Until there was a snowstorm and she said not to worry we have a heated driveway! Ehhh ok, ;)

Scale for how big it is!

My 11 year old did this cityscape piece (above), a year ago and it was sold!

Art from another member

And another member

Some people in the group have amazing talent!

My 11 yr olds tea cup, both SOLD! 

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