Wednesday, May 6, 2015

How did I get the Greek diet so wrong?

I think I covered most of the main points of the Greek diet in my previous post here. Well how did I do it so wrong to get to a pre-diabetic stage? Well I grew up in Australia leaning toward a western diet, just like everyone else.
  • I ate cereal for breakfast
  • By 11 am I was usually starving
  • I ate a regular packed lunch (since eating away from home or a cold meal isn't really a Greek thing)
  • I snacked on western snacks after school
  • We ate our Greek dinners but often had dessert afterwards
  • We didn't walk after meals, in some towns there is nowhere to walk to
  • We gravitated towards the western diet of more meat for meals, it was more affordable after all
  • Since we ate like it was a special occasion every day, for special occasions we would go overboard
  • We didn't fast as much
  • Sweets were for everyone not just children
  • Fatty meats were used not just lean goat and lamb, ie beef and pork
  • Legumes gave you gas and hence were unpopular
  • No rest after lunch made you hungry again by 3
  • Pastas and noodles were popular fusion cuisine when I was growing up
  • Fruit was popular and healthy and not limited
  • Snacking was chips and cookies instead of nuts/seeds
  • Yogurt had sweeteners and additives
  • We gravitated towards processed prepared foods often
  • Snacks can be eaten alone, or sometimes meals too
  • Snacks can be eaten on the run, in the car, didn't sit for meals
  • Chocolate was ONE whole bar and often not as delicious as that one/first piece
  • If you weren't full you keep eating till you were
So it is unsurprising that I developed complications, in fact a lot of immigrants that move to a Western country will eventually develop problems similar to the locals.

So now my goal is to try to go back to the original Greek diet and avoid processed foods as much as possible. I also have to give up on my sweet tooth and just let sweets go from my diet. Hopefully pre diabetes is reversible or manageable and I haven't done permanent damage.

What are you eating in your home?


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