Monday, May 4, 2015

Back to Basics, again!

One thing I have noted these past few months is that setbacks will happen. I've been trying to follow a healthy diet (for pre diabetes) and need to prep mostly every meal. Once in a while I don't feel like cooking or prepping anything and inevitably end up eating junk (cookies, crackers etc). Once this happens it is too easy to give in and go back to eating junk. Then I need to remember the basics of healthy eating and for me this is:
  1. Eating unprocessed foods, foods from the ground and from animals.
  2. Whole grain products, ie no white flour or white rice or other processed grains.
  3. Eating only until I am 80% full 
  4. Eating a raw food for every meal (salad or fruit etc)
  5. Having cooked vegetables for every meal (prepping and cooking get tiresome but necessary and delicious)
  6. Thinking ahead about meals and not leaving it till last minute, tiring and boring but necessary
  7. Avoiding even home made baked goods as they are very likely to be processed or baking infrequently
  8. Making use of a slow cooker or foods that are not quick fried
  9. Choosing organic and natural foods where possible, reduces your toxicity levels
  10. Choosing different colors of foods for my meals (looks nice and diversifies the nutrients)

Those are my main general rules which are sometimes difficult to follow if you are in a bad mood and want to gorge on cookies. It is almost impossible to gorge on vegetables in the same way and perhaps we shouldn't be using food in that way. But yes oh so tempting. My snacks need to be fruit, veg and nuts/seeds.

For special occasions we can and should have a treat but as a society we have too many of those celebrations every week. Kids go to a lot of birthday parties, communities have town days and fairs and you could conceivably have lots of these special occasions. So perhaps stray only on the most important days or the days that mean the most to you. It won't feel like a celebration if you have too many of them or too often.

Ugh, so hard sometimes and almost goes against the grain, remember 2/3 rds of us are overweight or obese so everyone else is eating like this too. Lets inspire each other with how to deal with setbacks and refocus. Suggestions welcome!


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