Sunday, July 19, 2015

Make you own home gym!


You can spend thousands on a home gym or nothing at all. You can use gallons of drinks to simulate weights and use items around the house. However you will have more fun and use the gym more often if you have the below items to get going.

An exercise or stability ball, costs about $15+. Make sure you get the right one for your size leg/weight. Make sure it is the right size or you won’t feel comfortable using this.

Dumb bells are good for a home gym, you can choose a lighter weight and a heavier weight to get started. It is easier to add to this when you get fitter.

Exercise bands/ropes come in different strengths and it is easy to pick up a multi pack in a big box store for $15.

You need a cardio machine that you will use.  Do you like treadmills? How about the Elliptical? Or just go with a mini re-bounder for $30+ and step for cardio.

Work out videos or on demand tv or local trainer classes are a good bet to give you a good all round workout, getting all the major muscle groups.

For intermediate level you may enjoy:

An adjustable bench is a good idea, even if you aren’t a big weights person, a versatile one can be used for leg lifts, and incline. It can cost $40+ secondhand.

A chin up bar can be a cheap and easy to install in the frame of a door but make sure it is installed correctly as you may get hurt if not.

Look online for workouts, there are many but check with your doctor first.


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