Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hypo/hyperglycemia or blood sugar imbalances

Anything over 190 Lbs for my height is obese and have had trouble loosing weight for years perhaps over a decade. Just recently I have had some symptoms that brought to light a possible reason for my troubles. Severe tiredness, in particular after meals (especially after starchy processed meals), extreme hunger an hour or two after a meal in particular if the meal didn't have enough protein or good fat or too many starchy carbs.

The condition was never severe enough to make me faint even tho I have had nice naps after a big meal.  I could get jittery if I skipped a meal or had too much coffee.

This condition makes losing weight VERY difficult but necessary.  All those attempts I have made have been crucial but have been wasted cause I was watching calories or fat or carbs but not necessarily glucose. 

I have to admit to myself that I am in that special category of prediabetic or have hypoglycemia linked with hyperglycemia and have to watch the carbs/fiber like a hawk. No more processed carbs over 15 pts for me without cause. Only fiber or natural carbs, or low glycemic foods or unprocessed foods. The biggest downer for me is there is NO cheating on this plan!! OH NO, blood sugar doesn't give you a day off. I can't have a snack one day a week, I will go hypo immediately(short for hypoglycemic) unless my condition is reversed. UGH how did I get in to this? I have to think of the positives, that I can do my best and will do my best and perhaps my hypo will reverse.

I have a physical scheduled soon and have regular medical care and suggest you do too.

At least now I know why my journey has been so hard. But now I know I CAN"T cheat ever until my condition is reversed! A big hurdle for someone obese. Give me some love people...

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