Sunday, February 22, 2015

Clutter busting and being kind

I read a very interesting book recently called Clutter busting your life. Why would it be in a health and fitness blog? It was really interesting and related clutter to our emotions and feelings. The author Brooks Palmer noticed that people get angry with themselves once they are forced to look at the clutter they have allowed to build up. Likewise people get angry once they really see damage to health, expanding waistlines and lack of fitness. Palmer suggested that getting angry with themselves for the situation stopped his clients from progressing further. Instead of propelling them to declutter it made them stop the process completely. Palmer suggested that instead of getting angry, they ought to take baby steps and be kind to themselves for righting the situation. Once they did that they got through the decluttering process and dealt with the emotions and feelings. 

Once you are on the path to health and fitness you might also get angry with yourself for allowing yourself to get unfit and unhealthy. However this anger won't help you any further and may impede your ability to right the wrongs. Being kind to yourself is a skill as important as any other skill you will learn. We can all be very hard on ourselves hoping to motivate ourselves. But criticism is negative and counterproductive. So be kind to yourself in your process of getting to health and fitness, I have to keep reminding myself of this every day. Don’t create unrealistic guidelines to loosing weight, as it is unkind to yourself and your journey. Create realistic fitness plans that build strength gradually so that you are kind to your changing body. Rome wasn’t built in a day and your body won’t change that quickly either. 

Be kind, to you, others and pass it on!

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