Friday, August 7, 2015

What's in your shopping cart? Pt 1

Treat yourself to things other than food, how about a spa day for working out for a week?

You are not obese cause you hate food! Of course, you may be obsessed with food, but what is in your cart lately?

I usually prefer organic produce where available and not too expensive. I keep thinking to have the dirty dozen list but never remember to bring it and it doesn't always work out with sales.

I do buy organic reduced fat milk, I just pay up to the outrageous $8 a gallon even tho sometimes regular milk is $2-3. Other dairy is organic maybe's, yes for yogurt but organic cheese is too expensive or unavailable so I get regular. I have learned to make yogurt, did you know it is EASY? I bet not. So I make it for me and as an ingredient for cooking or dips (tzatziki). My kids will eat homemade yogurt if I add applesauce or honey otherwise they take commercial single serves for packed lunch. I can also get them to sometimes eat wedge cheese and string cheese as they don't drink much milk.

I buy minimal meat and don't always buy organic or grass fed, depending on price as it is so expensive. I supplement with eggs for protein, tofu and beans and dairy and fish. I will always have some kind of shrimp, a salmon and a tuna can. I love canned sardines if my palate needs something exciting, yes sometimes my palate gets bored with boring tasteless western meals or I'll have a spicy cured ham or exotic cheese, havarti or brie anyone? Yes lots of calories, but a little can go a long way, I'm working on it!

I prefer to buy all sorts of beans, mainly dried but a few organic cans for emergencies. They are great for a summer salad quick lunch. You can save a lot by buying dried beans and soaking them yourself. Often I will cook the whole pack for an hour and then save half in the freezer for a future meal. Lately I've been experimenting with lentils, they don't need soaking and with a little salt and vinegar they can be a great side or main ingredient. I make bean salads in summer and bean soups for winter.

We buy any vegetable we like, need or is on sale. Usually organic but often from the farmers market which isn't certified. We usually buy salad ingredients, a cooked green, eggplant, zucchini, capsicum/peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, onions/green, potatoes, celery in winter, bok choy in summer, parsley, cilantro, dill, broccoli, and fruits. Our favorite fruits are bananas,  mandarins, grapes, kiwis, apples, oranges, grapefruit, all sorts of berries and more. In the winter I buy all sorts of pumpkins and winter squashes for roasting and soups. Curried pumpkin soup is the best.

We buy a sweet snack for the lunch box and dessert, yes we need to eliminate this but we are working on it. Usually choc chip cookies and ice creams, yes I love chocolate bars too - can u tell? We buy a cracker type of snack for lunch boxes or quick snack, yes would be nice to plan everything but with today's lifestyle it is inevitable that a meal is missed.

Lately we have a glass of wine or two, we go off and on having any wine or beer. I've tried organic wines and didn't love them so we do anything from Trader Joes merlot (my favorite cheapie) to a large wine bottle of anything else. Yes must cut it out, too many calories and doesn't help pre diabetes. But it spices up a boring diet and relaxes you after a long day.

We have granola bars for a quick on the go breakfast or snack, again would be good if we planned every single meal but realistically one will get missed.

We only buy two oils as they are the healthiest, extra virgin olive oil (can't beat the taste) and canola oil for cooking and no flavor. We do use spread but prefer the natural kinds, and butter for baking/cooking.

We buy organic or farm eggs, funny how with some things we are willing to spend more than others. I love my local farm fresh eggs, I can't/won't eat cheap battery farm eggs anymore.

We eat lots of nuts and seeds, my favorites are pumpin seeds, macadamias, almonds, walnuts and so on.

We don't buy a lot of canned foods but prefer jarred cans as they are usually BPA free. We always have on hand tomatoes canned, jarred artichoke, roaster red pepper, a dried mushroom variety, pickled something, . We make our own stock from chicken bones or leftover boiled water from organic vegetables.

Of course we do have starches but prefer whole wheats such as bread, bagels, english muffins, wraps or tortillas, waffles at a minimum.

For baking I have wholewheat flour, white organic or natural unbleached, all sorts of additives such as flax seed meal, corn meal and more. I do always have an emergency packet of cake mix for the last minute "Mom I need to bring something'. But I usually like to experiment with natural mixes of my own for baked goods. Hubby will insist on pancake and waffle mix too as he usually makes a special breakfast on weekends.

OK, that is plenty for this post, but I'm sure I've forgotten something so I assume I will add to this in a future post.

What's in your cart?


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